A comparison of the odyssey and the iliad

Written in a poetic dialect of Greek, the Odyssey is written in dactylic hexameter and includes a non-linear plot that focuses upon how the choices made by women and serfs affected the turn of events, in addition to the actions of A comparison of the odyssey and the iliad fighting men. While these texts differ in a variety of ways including the sheer scope of each story in terms of the number of characters, the length of the narrative, the complexity of the plot, etc.

When Priam, Hectors father comes to meet with Achilles, they celebrate a mutual respect for the lives lost and for each other and they make peace. Odysseus prevents his men from hearing their song and they make it past. Five men are eaten, and the rest go to the island of Helios Hyperion, the sun.

In order to preserve his time honor, respect, valueAgamemnon brings danger to them all. The first is the mystical function Instead, we have an uncertain set of heroes existing in a world that is unstable, as the gods repeatedly disturb any integrity the human plane might build for itself.

Myth basically serves four functions. After leaving Troy, he and his men, with twenty boats, came to the land of Thracians and lost many men in a raid. This binary pairing is starkly metaphorical in its depiction of the process of coming of age, by realizing humility through human connection.

The main character in Iliad is Achilles the great warrior whereas other main characters involved would be Helen, Hector, Priam and Paris. They both deal with the gods interceding in human affairs. First, one of the most notable connections is the similar social function that these works may have played for their respective audiences.

Difference Between Iliad and Odyssey

These two different endings point to the essential differences of the texts. The Iliad can be read as a myth and as an epic piece of narrative entertainment, but it leans heavily toward the latter. Nausicaa is an honored virgin princess and Penelope is known and respected as a virtuous woman who staves off lustful men seeking to sleep with her, while Clytemnestra dishonors her husband and dishonors herself by committing adultery.

Centred on the Trojan War, these two ancient Greek epic poems are world renowned not only for the engaging dialogue with which they present turn of events but also for the beauty with which it is unfolded.

With this definition of myth in mind, we can argue that one of our texts checks all of the boxes and the other does not. It is also a story that defines what it means to be heroic as the narrative offers numerous examples of heroic figures from Achilles and Hector, to Odysseus and Patroclus.

The virgin princess Nausicaa meets him on shore and takes him to the palace. In some ways, these are both works about national origins.

After revealing his identity, Odysseus recounts his wanderings to the Phaeacians. Then Odysseus comes to the land of the Cyclops where many of his men are eaten alive and he is imprisoned in a cave.

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Iliad Dated to around the eighth century BC, Iliad also sometimes referred to as the Song of Ilium or as the Song of Ilion is an ancient Greek epic poem written in dactylic hexameter by the great epic poet Homer.

The Epic of Gilgamesh does similar cultural work, as it offers a narrative of how the city-state of Uruk came to be ruled by a great king. Both stories give us insight into the minds of the inhabitants of the earth during this time period and their perception of reality.

Both stories help up us reflect and gain a deeper understanding of life in ancient Greece. Zeus then sends Hermes to set him free. While Achilles challenges his commander Agamemnon and abhors devious behavior, Odysseus uses trickery to survive and overcome obstacles.

In short, the figures in the story are vehicles for the social lessons embedded in the tale. Because Agamemnon believed she was rightfully his, he refused. Upholding a state of honesty, restraint, discipline, honor, and respect are important characteristics that are sought for.

Further, it tells the story of how this king learned compassion and humanity through his brotherhood with Enkidu, and demonstrated the qualities of a hero by defeating Humbaba and attaining wisdom in the form of a secret underwater plant that grants eternal life.I recently read The Odyssey and I was just wondering what the casual reader thinks of both the Odyssey and the Iliad (people who aren't historians jump to content The Odyssey vs The Iliad?

save its incredibly long descriptions of shields and lists of ship names, is underrated in comparison to the monsters and epic travels of The. Comparison of The Odyssey and The Iliad I feel like I can really relate to Achilles and Odysseus in both of the tales.

I feel like Odysseus that I am a good leader cares for others, intelligent and cunning. A Comparison of the Role of Women in Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad Words | 14 Pages The Role of Women in Odyssey and The Iliad The Iliad and Odyssey present different ideals of women, and the goddesses, who are presented as ideal women, differ between the two epics.

The Iliad and The Epic of Gilgamesh both belong to a conversation on ancient literature and, to varying degrees, to a conversation on myth narratives. Yet one is more fully "mythological" than the other. The Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Aeneid are all similar epics in their adventures and their lessons.

Throughout the literary works of the ancient world there are many reoccurring motifs such as: the role of the gods, the role of suffering, and the roll of fate. Essay on A Comparison of the Role of Women in Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad - The Role of Women in Odyssey and The Iliad The Iliad and Odyssey present different ideals of women, and the goddesses, who are presented as .

A comparison of the odyssey and the iliad
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