Analysis of capital structure of tata motors

The plan attempted to determine the optimal allocation of investment between productive sectors in order to maximise long-run economic growth. Sukhatme and K. The plan followed the Mahalanobis modelan economic development model developed by Mahalanobis in Stat and Bachelor of Mathematics Honours B.

It turned out to be a unique species and was named the Isisaurusafter the institute. The main branch also has a collection of official reports, reprints, maps, and microfilms.

A National Facility, an associate institute of Indian Statistical Institute and established in Kolkata inis unique in the country. Stat and Master of Science M.

Tata Motors

He invented a unique hearing aid, called SAFA Selective Auditory Analysis of capital structure of tata motors Amplifier that simulates frequency-range according to the need of the particular hearing impaired person. StatMaster of Mathematics M. Undergraduate courses are of 3 years duration, whereas the graduate level courses of 2 years of duration.

It used the prevalent state of art techniques of operations research and optimisation as well as the novel applications of statistical models developed at ISI.

There was no use of bitumen-basalt combination at the roads inside ISI campuses. Minhas, who joined the Planning Unit in and retired as a distinguished scientist inwas a member of the Planning Commission during — Domestic production of industrial products was encouraged in this plan, particularly in the development of the public sector.

The library has overvolumes of books and journals with a special emphasis on the field of statistics and related studies. The institute has done some pioneering work and research in anthropology and palaeontology. Planning Commission[ edit ] The second five-year plan of India was a brainchild of Mahalanobis.

The library receives over a thousand new technical and scientific journals every year. StatMathematics M. The Centre also offers various short-term courses in statistics and related subjects. The Kolkata campus offers bachelors level degree course in Statistics B.

MurthySanghamitra Bandyopadhyay and many. ISI is regarded as one of the top most centres for research in computer science in India and attracts some of the best students in the country.

Samarendra Nath Roy is known for his pioneering contributions in multivariate statistics. ISI Kolkata campus is eco-friendly, as conceived by Mahalanobis. Diploma in Statistical Methods and Analytics and research fellowships towards obtaining a PhD degree.

Mahalanobis introduced the measure Mahalanobis distance which is used in multivariate statistics and other related fields. Brahmachari, known for his work in many fields like agricultural sciences, zoology, botany, biometrics, did much of his work at ISI.

Anil Kumar Gain is known for his contributions to the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient with his colleague Sir Ronald Fisher at the University of Cambridge.

Math[21] seven graduate programs, viz. Bachelor of Statistics Honours B. A trove of dinosaur fossils was discovered by a team led by ISI researchers in the early s. Master of Statistics M. Hollow bricks that protect from heat and noise were used with minimum use of reinforced concrete, to avoid radiation.

The library has a separate collection of works on the topics of mathematics and statistics called the Eastern Regional Centre of NBHM collection, funded by grants from the National Board for Higher Mathematics.

For all undergraduate and graduate level courses, the academic year is divided in two semesters. This second five-year plan shifted the focus from agriculture to industrialisation, with an objective of attaining self-reliance by economy of India.

Following the empowerment for granting degrees in the subject of Statistics as per the ISI ActinISI initiated bachelor level degree program Bachelor of Statistics and master level degree course Master of Statistics, and also began awarding research level degrees such as PhD and DSc.

Apart from conducting basic research, it offers a 3-month course and promotes less endowed institutes by providing fellowships and research grants.It is measured using EBIT-EPS analysis. In this paper an attempt is made to analyze the capital structure of Tata Motors Limited during the period to.

Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) is an academic institute of national importance as recognised by a act of the Indian parliament.

It grew out of the Statistical Laboratory set up by Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis in Presidency College, killarney10mile.comished inthis public university of India is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions focused on statistics, and its early.

Project Report on Capital Structure of Tata Motors; Project Report on Capital Structure of Tata Motors.


Indian Statistical Institute

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Analysis of capital structure of tata motors
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