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Legislative measures were first adopted as early as Child Labour Essay 1 words Child labour is the service paid by the children in their childhood in any field of work.

As human beings we have become so selfish that we cannot even spare a small child! Nothing effective is happening to prevent the child labour from society as quickly as possible. In those days there was a Essay on child labour in 100 words of trade of children, who were purchased and converted to slaves by some people.

It is a serious matter a big social problem in most of the developing countries. The girls are not only withdrawn from schools and forced to indulge in child labour but they are even dragged in the prostitution.

Child labour

Children are exploited and denied to enjoy their childhood. Inadequate social control gives rise to the child labor in the agriculture or domestic work. Many children take up the job just because of the non-availability of schools in their areas and thus rather than sitting idle, they prefer to go to work.

The owners of factories and mines should take the pledge of not engaging child in their place of business on moral grounds. All such adverse practices are to be abolished once for all, without leaving its traces for future generations By Meghana Email: Indulging under aged children within different organisations should be completely banned.

These parents do not consider child labour as evil. Child labour is economically unsound, psychologically disastrous and ethically wrong. Poor children are more prone to be involved in the child labour as they are forced by parents to earn some money to give economic help to their family in the very young age too young to realize their responsibilities towards family instead of getting proper education and play with friends in childhood.

Child labour is corrupting the lives of many precious children every day. Child Labour Essay 5 words Child labour involves the regular working of children in their childhood at very young age from five to fourteen years.

Especially when the future of a developing country depends mostly on children of this present age. The health of such children remains poor. It is more common in underdeveloped countries. This illegal activity of the child labour is increasing day by day even after lots of the rules and regulations against this by the government to completely prohibit the act of child labour.

Short Essay on Child Labor

Parents want to make them very responsible towards their family in the early childhood of their kids. The reality is different though: Child labour ruining the innocence of the kids by directly destroying their health physically, mentally, socially and intellectually.

Since independence there have been several laws and regulations regarding child labour. They are made to work under threatening conditions. It completely shattering the dreams of those children.

Children have full rights to play with friends, go to school, feel the love and care of parents and touch beauty of the nature. Child Labor may affect international or cross border trade if human rights are violated and children are involved manufacturing, or ancillary activities such as packaging and transportation.

Causes of Child Labor Highly populous developing countries, such as India have a large number of people are below the poverty line BPL. Child Labour is exploited in several ways.

It is the issue of everyone which should be solved personally as it can be happened with the child of any person. We are living in 21st century; we still have to debate in such issues like child Labour.

It does not matter the cause of child labour as all the causes force children to live their life without childhood.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Essay Of Words On Child Labour.

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6 answers 6. Words 4 Pages Child Labour they did it even before. You know dear, while ordering my academic child labour essay assignment I paid just 95$ and elected selection A+ quality with 5 days deadline. After 4 days my status curved Status: Resolved. Child Labour Essay 1 ( words) Child labour is the service paid by the children in their childhood in any field of work.

This is done by the child own due to the lack of resources for the life survival, irresponsibility of the parents or forcefully by the owner for increasing their return on investment at low investment.

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Child Labour Essay in Words The Child Labour has been an international issue and it is spoiling the future of many kids who aspires to be a really great person someday. It completely shattering the dreams of those children. Free sample essay on Child Labour (Free to read).

Children are the most important asset of any nation. Each child is an asset to the society. The future welfare of society is closely related to the welfare of the child. Children are the future of the nation. They are flowers of our national garden. It [ ].

Essay on child labour in 100 words
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