Ethical lens blind spot and strenghts and weaknesses

It may be wise to remember that it is always good to help others, but within reason. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In conclusion, through this Ethics Lens Inventory test I thoroughly examined my perspective view and the way I respond to others.

I agree that the result truly defines my character and enlightens me to focus more on my weaknesses to become a better person. My Blind spot is the belief of focusing on the outcome or decision but not realizing the cause of unintentionally harming others. The lens states that I prioritize and protect individual rights to ensure that I treat every one with respect, justice, and fairness.

Blind Spots: We’re Not as Ethical as We Think

Using my personal ethics to determine a course of action would be to follow my intuition to reach my decision and goals and not necessarily focus on others wellbeing. However, in righteous acts and decisions faced I do not generalize situations despite universal principles but acting to the specific situation while searching for the best solution to resolve the issue.

I believe ethical people should take responsibility for their actions while making decisions or accomplishing tasks.

Ethical Lens Inventory Essay Sample

I need to be more aware of people taking ethical responsibility for their actions rather than trying to make the best decision for them, despite my compassion for others.

My strength lies within how I make rational ethical choices and to acknowledge the wellbeing of others by making sure every one treats each other equally.

Resultant behavior is fulfilling duties while creating the greatest good. My weakness includes caring for people before following my intuition and making ethical decisions. This results in looking ahead of the situation and considering the consequences that will surface before coming to a conclusion.

Furthermore, I expect people to value their decisions and look at their standpoints like the way I view it. Results Lens implies the use of my intuition and examining thoroughly before reaching my decisions. The outcome of this evaluation has allowed me to realize the ethical choices I make throughout my daily life.

Ethical Lens

Additionally, I tend to think of others values and base my results not only on my intuition but also equality. It seems that I tend to have high expectations on people without reason.

Despite my good motives to achieve a positive outcome, I trust the process too much and depend on people to take responsibility for themself.Ethical Strengths And Weaknesses He also finally understands the advice given by the blind prophet Tiresias: "It is the journey, not the destination." At the beginning of the story Odysseus has some weaknesses that prolong his voyage back to.

Illuminating blind spots and hidden strengths by J. Evelyn Orr, Victoria V. Swisher, King Yii Tang, and Kenneth P. De Meuse These are weaknesses leaders can’t see in themselves, define a blind spot as a leadership characteristic where leaders rated.

Ethical blind spots: explaining unintentional unethical behavior Ovul Sezer, Francesca Gino and Max H Bazerman lens distance from decisions with ethical dimen-sions can be another source of unintentional unethical behavior. conditions under which ethical blind spots emerge, yet effective solutions await discovery.

The problems that. Ethical Lens Inventory September 12, Relationship and Reputation Lens Blind Spot Taylor's blind spot is that she has too much faith in people and the system.

She relies too much on the system and can be unrealistic ("Ethics Game", ). Strengths and Weaknesses Taylor's strengths are that she does a good job making decisions. Ethical Lens Inventory Paper Samantha Garza ETH/ August 27, Steven Edington Ethical Lens Inventory Paper While doing the ethics game and answering.

Describe your ethical perspectives as identified by the Ethical Lens inventory, including your blind spot, strengths, weaknesses, and values My blind spot in not caring for others as I should, I typical care for myself and leave them to defend themselves.

Ethical lens blind spot and strenghts and weaknesses
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