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Our goal is to do what makes sense for Singapore, I don? She fully explained the appeal that expanding the Asian market into India would have on the overall Asian market.

Executives have considerable legitimate power, but all employees also have this power based on company rules and government laws. To reach this objective as a leader, they must direct and coordinate throughout the whole process.

She has also shown signs of being analytical, which influential leaders possess. We have a healthy debate on issues. As an influential leader, Ho Ching has shown an aggressive nature that allowed her to achieve goals, personally and in the business world.

In the East Asian culture the top management is obeyed strictly without or very less sharing of ideas from lower management, so this also increases her power over others.

But that sparkle is beginning to return. She also revealed the possible outcome and advantages in the next few years f the audience should ever decide to act on her appeal: The fact that she feels confident enough to disclose annual reports with details of performance shows that she feels confident with her team to provide positive information for partners or the public; something that was not customary before.

The recognition within her field of work can also be exemplified by the fact that she rose through the ranks, from initially working as a civil servant and then for the Defense Ministry. She is capable of winning big contracts by using her sources.

Apart from that she being the wife of Lee Hsein Loong, the current prime minister of Singapore, she also possesses a sort of reward power. Lee and he doesn? Thirdly she possesses the personal power due to her ability of working efficiently and charismatic leadership.


What are her major sources of power? This transparency not only provides confidence in the people that work for her, but also those that will conduct business with her and Temasek Holding. This perceived right partly comes from formal job descriptions as well as from informal rules of conduct.

Referent power can be seen in the relationship she had with the Prime Minister.Ho Ching Leadership September 16, LDR Mr. GPower, in the reading, described as the capacity to cause change and influence. Ho Ching’s has been recognized and ranked at 18 in Asia’s most powerful people.

Ho Ching possesses the title of Chief Executive Officer, which gave her supreme rights to direct the company and influence the behaviors of others.

She has imposed her ideas and made her aggressive decisions to run the company. Leadership and Power Tactics from Ho Ching “The Prime Minister’s Powerful Better Half” is an article about a powerful women named Ho Ching, the Chief executive officer of Temasek Holdings. This summary will provide responses to questions about Ho Ching’s influence based on this week’s reading materials.

Below is an essay on "Leadership" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Ho Ching’s power as a leader has been recognized by many, but would you describe Ho Ching as an influential leader?

And why? Answer) Leadership plays prominent roles in a group setting. It is through a vibrant leadership. We have described power as the capacity to cause change and influence as the degree of actual change in a target’s behaviors.

Ho Ching’s power as a leader has been recognized by many, but would you describe Ho Ching as an influential leader? Leadership and Power Nathaniel Thomas LDR/ August 13, Alan Preizer Leadership and Power Mini Case Ms.

Ho Ching’s influence as a leader is reflected in the changes within the organization to disclose its annual report along with performance details that were FYI to Temasek executives only.

Ho ching leadership essay
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