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Incredible India

People of various unique traditions and culture live here together without any problem. Apart from that there are many historical and holy sites to visit in India. A huge crowd of pilgrims and devotees come here to see and enjoy the beauty of famous places, temples and other world heritage sites in India.

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It is located in South Asia and was officially declared as the Republic of India after its independence from British rule. In the Himalayas, I can see beautiful snow capped mountains that take my breath away.

My country, because of the many beautiful locations, is the craze of tourists. The oceans that wash her coasts on three sides and the mighty Himalayas that stand on the north have given my country natural frontiers from sides. Every state has its own religion story.

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It is also known as Bharat, Hindustan and Aryavart. Incredible India The sun filtered in through the windows. India Essay 1 words India is a famous country all over the world.

It is a famous country for its great cultural and traditional values all across the world. Here we have given some well written essay on India to help students under various word limits.

It is a rich country where great people took birth in the field of literature, art and science such as Rabindranath Tagore, Sara Chandra, Premchand, C.

The people generally are of black tone and are known for coconut and rice items. Kashmir has been described as a paradise on earth.

Select Page India Essay India is the seventh-largest country and most populous democracy in the world. Some of them made it a slave country however various great leaders of the country became successful in making my motherland free of biritshers in Twenty- two languages constitutionally enjoy the status of official language but Hindi is recognised as the lingua franca of the nation.

Indian dance and drama are the brilliant examples of unity in diversity. I can smell the aromas of samosas coming from a quaint home in New Delhi.

It is a chief agricultural country famous for producing sugarcane, cotton, jute, rice, wheat, cereals etc crops. Ambedkar, etcgreat scientists Dr. It is a pancake made of rice and lentil. India is abundantly rich in dialects and languages.

The national language of India is Hindi however almost fourteen nationally recognized languages are spoken here.India Essay 1 ( words) India is a famous country all over the world.

Geographically, our country is located to the south of Asia continent. India is a high population country and well protected from all directions naturally. Jul 14,  · DISCLAIMER – SOURCE – ESSAY-ON BLOGSPOT India,our country is a huge,beautiful land full of wonders. From the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean, from Thar desert to the snowy mountains of Sikkim, It is a country full of beautiful sights and beautiful is unique country with diversity.

”unity is diversity” is main slogan of country. India is incredible in the way it is actually.

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It is known for its diversity in religion, region, language, food, clothes, festivals and everything. Every place has a story and a beauty of heritage. Incredible India. In this essay I will be outlining the development of the modern tourist industry and explaining the social and economic effects on developing countries.

I will first explain the development of the tourist industry. Then I will explain the effects this development has on developing countries in a social and economic way. Free Essays on Incredible India Essay.

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Search. Imperialism in India Cornell Notes provided essay on national integration in various words limit for your lovely kids and school going children. Let them know about national integration in very simple words and sentences. Incredible India Essay Writing Competition Category: 12 - 15 years - Winner.

Sree lives in Iowa in the United States and is a pupil in Timberline School. Below you will find Sree's award-winning essay called 'Incredible India'.

Incredible india essay for kids
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