Information systems used at fedex

Constant tracking allows Federal Express to maintain positive control over shipments every step of the way. With FedEx, businesses can determine the status of their packages at all possible locations along the delivery route in real time. As early asjust five years after it began operations, the company pioneered the first automated customer service centre.

The DSS helps employees in making decisions even for the daily tasks. Customers can access information and track their packages at their own convenience. It is so integral a part of the system that FedEx promises to deliver all packages within one minute of the delivery commitment or the customer does not pay.

SuperTrackers retain and transmit package information such as destination, routing instructions and the type of service requested. Need for rapid updates from different business units. Couriers simply scan the bar code on every waybill with their SuperTracker, at every stage of the delivery process.

Although these technological developments allow Federal Express to provide prompt and easy-to-access service, customers who prefer the "personal touch", or who require more in-depth information, can still speak to a call centre representative.

Located on the Internet at www. Increasing or fast changing Government regulations. Hand-held computers, called SuperTrackers, are used to scan the progress of the package an average of 5 times from pick-up to delivery. The MIS has the feature to be used by the intellectual group that includes the high level and middle level management, as compared to that the DSS is the only one among the three that is used at all the business levels and the information it uses is not only internal but also the external one.

Customer service representatives enter shipping information into COSMOS through computer terminals, alerting the dispatcher closest to the pick-up or delivery area. External Need to access external databases. Providing the accurate and efficient service customers demand is crucial to the success of the express transportation business.

Back to Top Command and Control is the satellite to ground-level operations system, based at the Memphis SuperHub, that enables FedEx to deliver packages by the fastest, safest and surest route, in any weather condition. By connecting to over customer service workstations, over aircraft and traffic hubs around the world, the Command and Control system ensures the smooth coordination of inbound and outbound aircraft and thousands of delivery vehicles.

The main function of MIS is related to the managing the internal operations and the documents. How we can make development: The difference between the three systems lies in their functions.

The system provides the three best alternative transportation options for a shipment, which allows the company to select the fastest, safest and most cost-effective route. Need to access corporate data. The EIS assists the senior level managers in making serious decisions that are very important and critical to make.

MIS and the other two systems are still interlinked because of the fact that MIS holds all the documentations that are used by the other two.

Thus, a customer can find out at any time exactly where their package is and when they can expect delivery, whether they call Customer Service or track the package themselves on the FedEx Web site or using FedEx Ship software.For example, FedEx is replacing the airline operation system (it operates about aircraft) that it has used for 24 years.

"We're looking at every single thing we've ever done," said Kevin Humphries, the senior VP in charge of FedEx's IT infrastructure. Fedex follows a Transaction processing systems. Technology can be used to give your business a competitive edge with better communication, enhanced security etc.

Computers are used to keep track of vital pieces of business information, including client activities, billing and pay roll data. A database can be used to store information about.

Technological Innovation at FedEx

COSMOS (Customer Operations Service Master On-line System) is a computerized package tracking system that monitors every phase of the delivery cycle at Federal Express.

FedEx employees constantly input information into. Examining The Advancements Of Fedex Systems Information Technology Essay.

Print Reference this. and manage information systems throughout the process. FedEx to simultaneously support the unique needs of their operating company and ensure the use and effect of information systems used by managers and employees in the firm.

Information Systems that might be used at FedEx: Decison support system which combine data and mathematical or anlytical models. Information regarding the weight.(data regarding receipent’s location/choice of consignment service-standard.

Information system in this company: Information system used to FedEx a comprehensive system of connecting the sections in all areas where there are branches of the company. EIS is complicated as compared to the DSS and MIS.

Information systems used at fedex
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