Inventory optimization at p g

The IO data requirements for an inventory optimization tools can focus mainly on the limited list below: This removes the safety stock from the other stages because Stage 5 is covering all the lead time in the supply chain.

A more prevalent approach is to employ a rule-of-thumb target. Yet the supply chain team has to think of inventory in all its possible states in the DC, because inventory can be held in all three states—for example, raw inventory that has not been processed, packed inventory that has been kitted with other items, and packed inventory that is dedicated to a major channel customer.

Breaking inventory into categories is important for three reasons. For example, Exhibit 2 depicts a common inventory strategy encountered in practice. Read more customer stories How it works The Inventory Optimization solution helps your retail company adapt to market trends and Inventory optimization at p g by taking an intelligent, granular look at inventory.

A good rule of thumb is to measure any category that comprises more than 20 percent of total inventory. Exhibit 6 provides an overview of the change in safety stock days on hand across the four major safety stock inventory echelons—materials, work-in-process, finished goods in the U.

This representation is often more granular than how non-supply-chain-people think of the problem. Single stage calculations are an improvement over rules of thumb—but they still have significant limitations. He can be reached at. Planners manage a hot list on a daily basis.

Marketing stock is additional inventory placed at customer locations to stimulate demand or satisfy retailer shelf-space requirements. The DOS target also builds inventory up while demand is still in the low period. They are not just made at new product introduction, for example, but every time the product is introduced in every channel in every market in every geography.

Consolidate manufacturing or distribution operations? The application of multi-echelon inventory optimization to the Cosmetics liquid makeup portion of its supply chain yielded a change in level and placement of inventory safety stocks while ensuring the target In short, inventory optimization scientifically determines the minimum inventory targets across the entire supply chain network subject to constraints established by the planner.

If you open an inventory textbook, you are looking at the single stage calculation that may be supported in a typical APS system. Retail Inventory Models developed for retail level inventory optimization by incorporating customer variations MIM: For companies that implement IO, a 10 to 30 percent reduction in total inventory is common.

Inventory optimization models at the SKU location level to identify where it is best to hold inventory. The underlying drivers of inventory, in the form of demand and supply variability, are common to all supply chains, making inventory optimization IO applicable to every industry.

Following the global financial crisis and the subsequent slashing of inventory across the board, there is no longer an excess of production capacity or stockpile of leftover inventory builds to satisfy fluctuations in demand. The stocking levels that produce the minimum inventory cost are the optimal inventory policy and the result from the IO tool.

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If inventory is not broken into its components, it cannot be tracked or improved. Click Here for more Information Multi-echelon inventory optimization software represents the state of the art approach to optimize inventory levels across the end to end supply chain.

There are several classes of safety stock each specific to a type of variability; be it forecast variability, supply variability, or manufacturing variability.

More details on this particular issue and the associated Microsoft example can be found in Neale and Willems, Is Inventory Optimization Right for Me? E Analyze data across segments Identifying the key value drivers for each customer and product segment involves comparing retail channels independently from one another.

This is an improvement over DOS rules of thumb to be sure, but falls significantly short of optimally solving the inventory problem. In this scenario, a decoupling safety stock at Stage 2 covers the lead times of Stages 1 and 2 while Stage 5 covers Stages 3, 4 and 5.

Characterization of demand and its volatility. Exhibit 1 presents a real-world illustration of the problem of forward-looking targets at Microsoft. But whether IO is an initiative worth pursuing depends on the relative importance of inventory and service levels versus the other initiatives the company can pursue.

Inventory Optimization solution

Examples of additional data that can help improve the quality of the result from the IO model are estimates of lead time variability, constraints on delivery performance for stages, and the underlying review periods for different portions of the supply chain.

Compare segment portfolios, ensuring the distribution and market penetration of top-performing SKUs. Case New Holland executed a postponement strategy that reduced total inventory by 20 percent for its line of compact tractors.

Ralph Cox from Tompkins Associates will discuss proven procedures, policies, strategies and technology enablers for cutting inventory costs - and improving the bottom line.The Inventory Optimization solution helps your retail company adapt to market trends and demands by taking an intelligent, granular look at inventory.

With Internet of Things (IoT) integration, racks, shelves, and coolers send data immediately to the cloud. Second, P&G's more complex supply chains implemented multiechelon inventory optimization software to minimize inventory costs across the end-to-end supply chain.

Ina tightly coordinated planner-led effort, supported by. Second, P&G's more complex supply chains implemented multiechelon inventory optimization software to minimize inventory costs across the end-to-end supply chain. Inventory optimization—the process of scientifically determining the right inventory levels across the supply chain—has never been easy.

But advanced tools now available are enabling companies to do the job faster, more accurately, and with greater business impact. In fact, industry leaders are finding that IO can drive greater profitability.

Mar 31,  · Inventory Optimization at Proctor & Gamble Inventory Management in a company of P&G’s size, scale and complexity requires leveraging the right people, organization and tools. By marrying the appropriate operations research (OR) techniques with a unique planning-organization structure, P&G has achieved two step-change.

Inventory optimization software right-sizes safety stock buffers to minimize costs and optimize service levels in one inventory management system.

Inventory optimization at p g
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