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Following are the few research papers which have studied organizational culture and outcomes: Seasohore and Taber consider that personal attributes and environment play major role in influencing job satisfaction.

Yet, there is very little empirical research is done on the outcomes of organizational culture Detert et al. Saad, Samah and Juhdi who carried out a study in a private university found that the academic staffs was moderately satisfied with the health programmes, working environment, flexible hours, relationship with peers and superiors and the opportunity to be independent.

In their study, they Job satisfaction factors essay that the source of job satisfaction came from policies implemented, administration and the salary scheme. Negative and unfavourable attitudes towards the job indicate job dissatisfaction Armstrong, In organizational behavioral research, job satisfaction is the most frequently studied variable Appelbaum, Bailey, Berg, and Kalleberg ; Spector This definition suggests job satisfaction is a general or global affective reaction that individuals hold about their job.

Porter and Lawler divide the factors into the intrinsic satisfactory factors related to work itself and the extrinsic satisfactory factors not directly related to work itself.

These studies were conducted in the U. To improve corporate performance, transformation of organizational culture to fit into the prevailing business environment is viewed as the utmost necessity Peters and Waterman, The term job satisfactions refer to the attitude and feelings people have about their work.

Henne and Locke defined job satisfaction as a pleasurable or positive emotional state that one derives from their job experience. National culture has the potentiality to influence the relation between the organizational culture and individual outcomes ChowAgarwal et al.

Job security is the primary factor that people are looking for when applying for jobs. Positive and favourable attitudes towards the job indicate job satisfaction. October 27, Everyone has their own way to express their satisfaction about their employee, however, job Satisfaction, according to Williams J.

The source of dissatisfaction came from personal achievement, growth, interpersonal relationships, recognition, responsibilities, supervision, the work itself and working conditions.

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Culture of a nation is directly related with its economy and particular kinds of culture more conducive for the economic success while others can be counter productive Cartwright, Band 9 essay about the importance of job satisfaction — IELTS As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an Job satisfaction factors essay element of individual well-being.

Nasurdin and Ramayah and Yew reported that job satisfaction among the Malaysian workforce was derived particularly from extrinsic factors such as salaries, promotion and supervision which are linked positively to commitment to the organisation.According to SHRM (Society for human resource management) Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement “Sixty-three (63%) percent of employees rated opportunities to use their skills and abilities at work as the most important contributor to their job satisfaction.

Dec 07,  · Factors to Job Satisfaction Essay – Words Bartleby Free Essay: factors to job satisfaction Joseph Green MTOrganizational Behavior December 7, According to Robbins and Judge (), job satisfaction The Importance Of Job Satisfaction Management Essay The Importance Of Job Satisfaction Management Essay.

Factors that Influenced Job Satisfaction. Generally, wages or salary is the major factors that affect job satisfaction. In a developing country like Indonesia, this statement could be.

The purpose of the essay is to review factors influencing job satisfaction and consequences attributing to job satisfaction after reviewing some understanding of the meaning of the term and the reasons why job satisfaction is widely studied.

Essay on Job Satisfaction. There is a level of job satisfaction for each person and each job performed. Problems occur when people are not happy with their jobs.

In this lesson, we will look at causes for job dissatisfaction as well as employee responses. Job Dissatisfaction Not everyone can be. Job satisfaction Job satisfaction is a multifaceted construct with a variety of definitions and related concepts, which has been studied in a variety of disciplines for many years to now.

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