Laboratory investigation into the resistance of a filament bulb essay

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Resistance in wires produces a loss of energy if a W light bulb is on for two hours each day, Back to the course note home page Solutions to the Follow-Up Quiz — AP Central Physics 1 and 2: Recently i have been assigned my coursework on measuring the resistance of a filament lamp whereby an experiment was carried out by increasing the voltage through the filament lamp in intervals of 0.

Imagine we are thinking of a non-quantum explanation for why the voltage across the LDR varies.

Laboratory Investigation into the Resistance of a Filament Bulb Essay Sample

I am trying to find out if the filament bulb obeys ohms law. We assume then, that it is the intensity of these light bulbs solely which will control the resistance of the LDR.

When light strikes an electron, enough energy can be transferred so that it has enough energy to move to a free outer shell i. Physics by Inquiry, Vol 2; electric circuits — Light bulbs in Series — Physics Stack In physics we were learning about how that the resistance of the light bulb depends on than if there was just one bulb on there.

Exploring Simple Electric Circuits what is the resistance of the bulb at that point? To this end, it does not stop as it passes through any of the other shells and if, as in this case the first shells are full, it will fall into a new electron level that was previously empty.

Charge carriers are particles which are capable of carrying charge! Either there was a gigantic margin for error a point I will discuss in my evaluation or the Quantum explanation I have given for the behaviour of the LDR was true i. There are others All titles are loan only to registered members of Moving Images.

Further more because of this area people I obtained an average voltage across the LDR for a 20 Watt bulb of 1.

The more photons there are the more electrons will be struck. I found that a 1k Ohm resistor suits my purposes best as lower resistors tend to burn out or give wide-ranging results making the difficult to graph and the voltage changes in larger resistor are to small to measure given that the digital voltmeter is only precise to 3 significant figures.

Physics Hi there, First post here guys!

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In this experiment I experiment using various types of resistor, including a 1 Ohm and 30K Ohm component. Note that this movement is continuous. The stylised arrow represents a single photon striking an electron in the lowest electron level of the atom.

Hence that may insufficient as users may not able to describe everything by themselves as the ideal meaning may not portrays only by words. PHY notes from Learn about the physics of resistance in a wire. Current and resistance — physics. Calculate the electrical power of a lamp that carries 2 amps of current at volts.

Online Plagiarism Checker Resistance of an LDR - Sample Essay In this essay, my aim is to examine the physics behind a Light dependent resistor by measuring the voltages across it when exposed to bulbs of various wattages. Imagine my thinking at the beginning of this experiment.

The electrons in the semi-conductor all responded to the same frequency of light i. For an electron, Explain the physics behind such an electrical code.

These facts which incidentally I obtained from The Art of Electronics by Horowitz Hillwent a long way to reassure me that my results were accurate. Find the resistance of a light bulb that is connected to a volt line and has a current of 0.

One of the client membersThe Importance of the Federal Bureau of Investigations Laboratory. Topics: Federal The purpose of the Bureau of Investigation was to investigate the crimes "of national banking, Laboratory Investigation into the Resistance of a Filament Bulb Essay 5/2/ Aim: Does the resistance of a filament bulb change as the bulb gets.

Laboratory Investigation into the Resistance of a Filament Bulb Essay by lidinglight, High School, 10th grade, B, January download word file, 2 pages download word file, 2 pages 0 votes.

Laboratory Investigation into the Resistance of a Filament Bulb. Aim: Does the resistance of a filament bulb change as the bulb gets brighter?

Hypothesis: I believe that a filament bulb will have an increasing resistance depending upon the current passing through it. We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample On Resistance of an LDR FOR YOU For Only $/page.

However I realised that as there were large windows in the laboratory, the background amount of light would never be the same from one minute to the next.

Resistance of an LDR - Sample Essay

An investigation into Resistance ; The resistance is halved ; Essay Samples. The enzyme. First of all I did some research because to answer the question 'Is A Filament Bulb an Ohmic Resistor' I needed to know what an ohmic resistor was.

an experiment to determine the EMF and Internal Resistance of a standard laboratory power pack. Introduction Aim This is an investigation into how temperature affects the amount of.

- How the Resistance of a Filament Bulb Varies Its Current Flowing through It Aim: the purpose of this investigation is to find out how the resistance of a filament bulb varies with current flowing through it.

of incoherent lights varies inversely with the square of the distance holds true in real-life situations and under laboratory.

Laboratory investigation into the resistance of a filament bulb essay
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