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He should also go over any assignments or tasks that were agreed to, make sure that every member knows what Leadership discussion questions responsibilities are, and review the deadlines for those responsibilities. What are your core values as a leader? There is no clear-cut answer, although if they pass unchallenged, it may appear you condone the attitude expressed.

Do you tell her? What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today? If the topic is unclear, then someone needs to help the group define it. Then she has to guide the discussion, being careful to promote an open process; involve everyone and let no one dominate; attend to the personal issues and needs of individual group members when they affect the group; summarize or clarify when appropriate; ask questions to keep the discussion moving, and put aside her own agenda, ego, and biases.

Instead, questions should require some thought from group members, and should ask for answers that include reasons or analysis.

All are guaranteed to get a group thinking and talking. Some are trick questions. You may be a member of the group and have been asked by the others to act as leader, in which case you certainly have a right to be part of the discussion although not to dominate.

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader? Lead the discussion How active you are might depend on your leadership style, but you definitely have some responsibilities here.

Here are some of my favorite questions. How you challenge prejudice is the real question. Making sound decisions requires the critical thinking, the ability to deal with ambiguity and paradox, a strong set of values, and a healthy dose of emotional intelligence.

The chances are that, like most of us, you fall somewhere in between the extremes of the leader who sets the agenda and dominates the group completely, and the leader who essentially leads not at all.

20 Questions to Ask Other Leaders

What are a few resources you would recommend to someone looking to gain insight into becoming a better leader? This often means that quieter people have little or no chance to speak, and that those who disagree with the dominant individual s are shouted down and cease trying to make points.

Usually, that means comfortable furniture that can be moved around so that, for instance, the group can form a circle, allowing everyone to see and hear everyone else easily. Do you confront the employee? What are your beliefs about recognition? Maybe some one who has been a mentor to you?

Control your own biases. Bring materials to help the discussion along Most discussions are aided by the use of newsprint and markers to record ideas, for example.

When might you lead a group discussion? Posted by Dan McCarthy at 1: Your manager congratulates you for a brilliant suggestion and hints at a promotion. Trick question, leads to a nice discussion on situational leadership.Book Club Discussion Questions for Your First Leadership Job Bonus Tool Book Club Discussion Questions_Layout 1 7/18/ PM Page 1.

• Looking at the common leadership styles, which one or ones do you relate to most? Chapter 9: Nothing Else Matters Unless You Get Results. The book Transformational Leadership: Conversations with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious was developed in response to that interest.

(killarney10mile.com), to develop discussion questions that all readers could use. The questions below invite you to explore the book in relation to your own life, including.  Leadership Questions Jennifer Hudson NUR/ January 12, Dr.

Rachel A. Gonzales Leadership Questions Leadership is a concept that is essential to an organization with goals. In healthcare, the ultimate goal is. Oct 05,  · Great leaders ask great questions. Here are six questions to pose to your team. 6 Questions Great Leaders Ask Their Teams.

Questions build leadership capacity because they help people make. Jun 12,  · The 50 Most Powerful Questions Leaders Can Ask.

15 great leadership questions

How would you feel if this discussion was public knowledge – would you be comfortable with that? I am a leadership advisor to Fortune Techniques for Leading Group Discussions» Main Section.

Chapter 16 ← Table of Contents. Possible leadership styles of a group discussion also vary. In advancing the discussion, use questions that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no.

Leadership discussion questions
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