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Inside, explore a checklist of fundamental aspects of the data architecture that is necessary for IoT success, and examine what is required to enable an environment that can rapidly adapt to the dynamic nature of massive numbers of connected sensors and other end-point devices.

Watch this brief video to see how Northwestern University gained real-time insight into costs, tuition and enrollment, and enhanced its forecasting, budgeting and reporting capabilities by replacing its spreadsheets.

In this case study, Automic Software, a business automation company, wanted to use service automation to create an engaging, responsive experience for its own customers. Discover how to modernize business automation by capitalizing on advances in software development infrastructure, and incorporate them into a new structured, 6-step design approach that eliminates additional risk.

This research from Deloitte identifies the areas with the biggest immediate opportunity for retail and consumer packaged goods CPG businesses looking to invest in blockchain technology. But how do you collect and analyze this data? This e-book has taken several industry best practices and curated them into 5 simple steps to help you develop and implement an agile business plan that facilitates grow and defines your business needs.

Additionally, learn about the emergence of financial and strategic CPM, and how Performance management white paper play into modern day CPM strategy.

Tap into this PDF to learn where you should be collecting big data from and the value it can provide to IT, security, IoT and business analytics use cases. Access this white paper to learn what business networks are capable of, and discover how to create circles of improved collaboration and support enterprise objectives.

Learn how the tool Northwestern adopted streamlined financial practices, eliminating administrative hiccups and saving time. In this white paper, we will look at the fundamental factors that lead a company to embrace process and decision modeling as a critical, shared practice business management.

To help you create a competitive digital business framework, this e-book explores the 5 key pillars of a digital strategy. Discover negative impacts from a technology and a business perspective, and learn how to avoid them. Some of the most important insights you can gain—across IT and the business—are hidden in big data.

To implement real change requires changing the way you think about your long-term goals, and adopting a system like Business process and Business Decision modeling. In this report, explore the growth challenges facing business and HR leaders, and how businesses can work harder to meet the demands of the evolving workforce.

This white paper explores how you can boost innovation by upgrading core ERP systems and extending those capabilities in the cloud. In this Gartner report, explore the impacts and recommendations relating to hybrid corporate performance management.

Measuring and analyzing performance data is crucial to any business looking to make advances in their enterprise from the top-down. Find out how to strengthen insight into and control over your company workflows, and learn about the impact of 4 key technology trends on distribution business management.

Find out which vendors are market leaders as well as criteria for choosing an EPM offering today.Ahead of the curve: The future of performance management By Boris Ewenstein, Bryan Hancock, and Asmus Komm Ahead of the curve: The future of performance management.

Article Actions Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute 4. Overcoming the barriers to effective performance management. biggest barriers to effective performance management. Hiding Behind Software. It’s hard to imagine large, enterprise organizations deploying performance management processes without the Hall Group’s white paper, Performance Management Coaching for Development.

White PaPer. What is Supplier Performance Management? Supplier Performance Management (SPM) is the means and ways of capturing, measuring, analyzing and reporting supplier’s performance. the endeavor of Supplier Performance Management is to ensure a long and sustainable supply base.

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Ahead of the curve: The future of performance management

This is also known as Performance Management, EPM, Business Process Optimization, Enterprise Performance Management, Corporate Performance Management (CPM), CPM, BPM. WHITE PAPER: This white paper explores a strategic performance management.

Encouraging Effective Performance Management Systems Alison Carr, PhD candidate, Shaker Consulting Group Kelsey Kline, PhD, Organizational Development and Talent Management Consultant SIOP White Paper Series A White Paper prepared by the Visibility Committee of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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PMBOK® Guide & Standards. Building High-Performance Project Talent — A Transformational Initiative. See all .

Performance management white paper
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