Potato chips experiment essay

Finding the isotonic point you must get the value of the x-intersect of the line. After that we see that the trend continues as the change in mass decreases as the concentration increases. Another error found was that when taking the chips out of the beaker and drying them with the tissue, due to time constraints all the chips may not have been dried properly.

Another error found was that there may have been much interference to the weighing scale due to the surrounding therefore this would not allow the scale to rest at a fix point.

To avoid evaporation cover them with tissue paper. Therefore not the same proportionate of water must have been removed from each chip. Therefore the isotonic point was 0. Therefore that was taken to be the anomaly, reason for the anomaly will be explained in the evaluation.

I feel that these may have been the small errors that had caused the anomaly.

Investigating Isotonic Point of a Potato Essay Sample

Also I feel that to improve the results I feel we should have taken a wider range of concentration this would have bettered our accuracy in the results. Looking at our graph we can see that nearly all the point fit into the line of best fit.

Next time I will make sure to use a ruler while cutting the chips. After finding the isotonic point we can see that my hypothesis has been proves correct, as the isotonic point was found near to the estimated 0.

I feel that by following this it will lead to obtaining much better results. And lastly I shall dry all the potatoes properly. So that it will be a fair test. Then when taking the mass of the chip it would likely to be wrong as the weight may be more in some and less in other.

In this experiment not many huge errors had occurred as the results obtained were almost perfect. Use the scalpel to cut the chips into equal length. Therefore we can say by looking at the graph that as the concentration increases the change will be negative meaning that the mass also decreases.

What may have happened is that I could have moved a lot of water from one chip but a lot less from the other. This isotonic point is when there is no osmosis occurring within the cell. I will also try to reduce as much of the surrounding activity that affects the weighing scale e. Therefore this means that on this point no water is being gained or lost.

One error can be that due to time constraints as the experiment had taken places during classes, the procedure may have been rushed this could have caused slight change in value to the data collected.

If I were to do this experiment again I would make sure that I have enough time to carry out the experiment so the procedure will not be rushed. G the potato chips may not have been of all equal size when cutting them in a hurry, and reading the weights of each chip may have been hurried so that the exact value may have been wrong.

Then label each beaker.

More essays like this: But as seen on the graph there was one small anomaly that occurred, this could be due to some minute errors made during the experiment.

So that it is a fair test.

Therefore this affects the initial mass of the chip. But there was just one point that was slightly off.Potato chips experiment Essay - Investigate the effects of different concentrations of salt solution on potato cells Introduction Osmosis is the way in which many living things take up water (source: GCSE Biology for You).

Osmosis and Potato Chips Essay Osmosis is the movement of water from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration across a semi permeable membrane. An osmotic system is established when a semi-permeable membrane is placed between two solutions.

In this experiment this is the change of mass of the potato when it is. Potato chips are delicious and very popular.

They satisfy the taste buds of many by hitting all the essential characteristics of a good treat. They are convenient, easily found, salty, greasy, and come in a wide variety of flavors. Jan 09,  · Investigate the consequences of different concentrations of salt option on potato cells Launch Osmosis is the manner in which many living issues take up water (supply: GCSE Biology for you personally).4/4(66).

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Investigate the Water Potential of Potato Cells Introduction In my investigation, I hope to determine the water potential of potato cells.

Potato chips experiment Essay

The plant material I will use in my investigation will be potato chips, which I will cut myself prior to the investigation.

Potato chips experiment essay
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