Reflection of team work

In order to better resolve the problems later when similar situations take place again, I have summed up two principles of how oordinators show respect and trust to their subordinates and accordingly build up team morale and team cohesion. The lessons I have learned from this experience will also be applied later in my career.

As my strategic planning part introduction can be deleted in the presentation, and also my overview will be very short compared with my report, I need to present BCG as well so as to lower the burden of my teammates. However, later on we found it impossible to put our ideas into practice, for different ideas were jumbled up without screening.

Hence, no matter what team roles I am going to play, when faced with conflicts, I will adhere myself to the following two points: On the contrary, members who have limited abilities should try to move forward and realize self-transcendence. To sum up, there are still many weaknesses to be improved despite I have performed well in the team.

At the primary stage of the mission, all of the team members were intentionally trying to keep a concordant relationship with each other as well as to avoid disputes and differences.

Thanks to this group work, now I know the true meaning of flexibility of a team. The following discussion falls into three parts, respectively the elaborations of my self-cognizance about how coordinators can improve team cohesion on the basis of mutual trust with other team roles, how we should view the conflicts occurring in the process of cooperation and how to create synergy through Reflection of team work work.

Although I made efforts to figure out all the details so as to lead the members to the right direction, the thing is that, when I was telling them what to do and how to do it, I actually was also setting limits to restrict their performances.

First of all, a synergetic team requires the team members to make certain sacrifices, including restraining oneself for the balanced development of other team members. Looking back, I could have done better in inspiring the members as an example, to pour out frankly personal opinions.

Reflection on Team Work

Additionally, I will view conflicts in a rational way so as to create positive effects for my team. Taking the example of Steve Jobs for reference, I will take any suggestion from others into consideration before drawing a particular conclusion or making a certain decision.

We need to respond to the changing environment swiftly and efficiently, only in this way can we achieve more goals.

Teamwork Reflection and Assessment Essay

With regard to motivation, the coordinator should offer the other team members with opportunities to fulfill themselves, as well as enough room for improvement. My report is written based on the information from websites, books, experience and knowledge.

Team Work Reflections Quotes, Quotations & Sayings 2018

My part of report is the overview of the business, including the contents of strategic contexts 1. Being a coordinator, I took up the responsibility for turning the conflicts into beneficial effects. It seems that such disagreements can hardly be avoided in the process of teamwork.

Just as the capacity of a bucket depends on its shortest board, the capacity of a team is largely related to the weak links in the process of teamwork. Only when there are concerted efforts from all the team members, then a synergetic team can be set up.

Because of the different outline, Bi has spent more time on the work so as to adapt, I thank her so much. In this case, she is a true leader of us. So I need to discuss with Xue for more information in order to improve the familiarity of the topic, and finally I have control my part in 4 minutes.

Firstly, the presentation outline showed later is different from that of our report so that we need to rearrange the responsibility of each member in order to keep a balance of our work. After the allocation, morale kept sinking lower. For one thing, it is necessary to impress the equal importance of all the tasks on my team members — there are no good tasks or bad tasks, but only the most suitable tasks and other less suitable tasks for you.

Firstly, it is better for me to speak up all my points of view. In other words, a successful team should produce an effect greater than the sum of individual effects.

So conflicts can in turn promote challenges, heighten individual regards to the issues, and increase individual efforts Laura Ideally all the team members would embrace the assignment, yet conflicts occurred.

The later helps the other team role players to produce not only a sense of being respected and trusted, but also a feeling of being expected. Team work Reviewing the three-months-long process of cooperation, I really found this experience of learning meaningful and fruitful.

Some members thought that it was so unlucky of them to lose the parts they were good at, and they were unable to undertake their parts on hand.Team Work Reflections quotes - Read more quotes and sayings about Team Work Reflections. Through the four stages of group development, I learnt that good communications and discipline are very important to make a team work more efficient and unity together more tightly.

Besides, mutual respects, trusts and understanding are essential to achieve common goal. Thanks to this group work, now I know the true meaning of flexibility of a team. We need to respond to the changing environment swiftly and efficiently, only in this way can we achieve more goals.

Now let’s talk about other members’ work.

This kind of reflection generated the practice knowledge which assisted me to work with my team members and adapt the new situation during the work. The team work generated a sense of satisfaction and developed professional practices.

reflection on team work Words | 7 Pages experience working as part of a team and the preparation on an oral presentation I had to do in class with people from different courses, as part of the Foundations for Practice in Health and Social Care module.

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Reflection of team work
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