Religious differences in inter faith marriages essay

For simplicity, we will assume in this essay an intra-faith marriage between two Christians of different denominations. Some spouses see merit in faiths other than their own; at the other extreme, they may view other faiths as forms of Satanism.

Some couples follow very different religions e. Some spouses have very little involvement with their faith; to others, religion forms the core of their life. Others are members of similar faith groups within one religion e. One participant in a Greek Orthodox focus group on inter-faith marriage commented: Feel resentment for being pressured into converting.

Miss the cultural traditions associated with their old faith tradition. Have intellectual problems with new doctrines that they must accept. Tom Chulak, Unitarian-Universalist minister.

Feel unfairly treated, either at the time, or in the future. We have discovered seven common techniques for resolving religious differences in a marriage.

There may be more. They might stop attending church and avoid religious discussions within their marriage. There are no rules The degree of differences and amount of conflict vary widely from family to family.

Find it difficult to worship God in their new faith tradition. The same dynamics equally apply to people who go to a church, circle, grotto, mosque, synagogue, or temple; they also apply for same-gender and opposite gender couples. Intra-faith marriages are between two persons from different denominations within the same religion.

Various approaches that couples have used:Even in the initial years of marriage, difficulties may not be significant to them. Many couples defer resolution of their inter-faith status until later in marriage, perhaps when their first child arrives.

We have discovered seven common techniques for resolving religious differences in a marriage. There may be more. Perspective on the Opposition of Interfaith Marriage Essay - Interfaith Nation Marriage is considered one of the most important parts in a person’s life.

Choosing to enter a marriage can change a person’s life forever.

It can bring great happiness and beauty or intense stress and sacrifice into an individual’s life. Mixed Marriage Essay.

Marriage is a compromise at best. However, when you introduce major differences into a marriage such as race, religion or nationality, there are additional problems you may face.

Many couples only think about the love they feel for one another until confronted with some of the problems of mixed marriages. Differences Between Types of Marriages Essay - Homosexual marriage means marriage between two of the same sex where as heterosexual marriage is a marriage between two of the opposing sex.

While both homosexual & heterosexual marriage are bases on attraction, there a few notable similarity & contrast between them.

Facts about inter-faith/intra-faith marriages

Religious Differences in Inter-Faith Marriages Essay religions distinguish fundamentally on elements of both faith and ritual. So when the sun shines across the interfaith divide, rain is not needed to bring about an interreligious strife (Andre, Can Interfaith Relationships Work?).

Interfaith Marriage In many religions, marriage is a central function, but having a partner from a different religion is discouraged. People claim to be open-minded and progressive, but how could this be true when religious differences are difficult to accept?%(3).

Religious differences in inter faith marriages essay
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