Remedial measures for indian farmers overcome problems

In this regard, the family planning or family welfare programme should be effectively implemented. Irrigation is the most important agricultural input in a tropical monsoon country like India where rainfall is uncertain, unreliable and erratic India cannot achieve sustained progress in agriculture unless and until more than half of the cropped area is brought under assured irrigation.

The utilization of this potential will solve the twin problem of disposal of waste and providing manure to the soil. Thus increase in the consumption of fertilizers is a barometer of agricultural prosperity.

We depend upon support from our readers to maintain our objective reporting. Agricultural research should be carefully intensified and fruits of research should be made available to the Indian farmers.

High Yielding Variety Programme HYVP was launched in as a major thrust plan to increase the production of food grains in the country. In the absence of an organised marketing structure, private traders and middlemen dominate the marketing and trading of agricultural produce. Lack of Output Quality: Power availability for carrying out various agricultural operations has been increased to reach a level of 14 kW per hectare in from only 0.

Agricultural marketing still continues to be in a bad shape in rural India. Adequate public health measures should also be undertaken in the rural areas. The share of mechanical and electrical power has increased from 40 per cent in to 84 per cent in The other solution to this problem is cooperative farming in which the farmers pool their resources and share the profit.

The land belonging to the father is equally distributed among his sons. This has led to depletion and exhaustion of soils resulting in their low productivity.

Large tracts still await irrigation to boost the agricultural output. Under such circumstances, the farmer cannot concentrate on improvement. December 10, Practice regular milking hours as far as possible and equal milking intervals.

These two intermediaries often use code words to settle the price under cover and not in open. Such a situation arises due to the inability of the poor farmers to wait for long after harvesting their crops.

For these two reasons the farmer has to sell his produce immediately after the harvest. Further it is shocking to note that a large proportion of 59 per cent holdings in 91 were marginal below 1 hectare accounting for Manures and fertilizers play the same role in relation to soils as good food in relation to body.

Consequently, the farmer has been the lone sufferer. The leader of this group, P. According to an estimate 85 per cent of wheat and 75 per cent of oil seeds in Uttar Pradesh, 90 per cent of Jute in West Bengal, 70 per cent of oilseeds and 35 per cent of cotton in Punjab is sold by farmers in the village itself.

All these steps include extensive flood control measures, creation of adequate irrigation facilities and supplying adequate quantity of pesticides and insecticides.

When farming cultivation fails due to the vagaries of nature, then they start throwing statistics about farmers suicide. There is urgent need to mechanise the agricultural operations so that wastage of labour force is avoided and farming is made convenient and efficient.

Notes on the Remedial Measures of Poverty in Rural India

So the main point is that the farmer has to sell his produce at the wrong time, at a wrong place and at an unfavourable price. Inadequate Storage and Warehousing Facilities: Jawaharlal Nehru once expressed his hope that the contrast between places and miserable hovels of the lower class would not last long.

This weakens the position of the farmer. A related point may be noted in this context.

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Majority of Indian farmers under debt trap own very little land. The average yields of almost all the crops are among t e lowest in the world. If present growth rate of population cannot be checked, soon a day will come in which we shall fight among each other for a single piece of bread.

Poverty is a major social problem.

Measures to Raise Agricultural Productivity in India

The solution entails; no farm loan waivers and bringing the agricultural income above a certain threshold under the tax bracket. Middlemen exploit farmers by buying their produce at a very low price and then selling it at a premium to the end consumers.ADVERTISEMENTS: Agricultural Marketing in India: Defects and their Remedial Measures!

Main Defects: The position of agricultural marketing sys­tem in India seems to be far from perfect. Agricultural Marketing in India: Defects and their Remedial Measures! The average Indian fanner does not killarney10mile.comte storage facilities.

What are the biggest problems faced by farmers in India? What problems can be solved through use of technology? Update Cancel.

Tips to overcome problems in cattle rearing

ad by Toptal. Indian farmers face multitude of problems before independence and also after independence. The former is due to colonial exploitation and later due to middle men exploitation.

Notes on the Remedial Measures of Poverty in Rural India Agriculture is regarded as the backbone of Indian economy. For economic development, first there should be development of agriculture i.e agriculture should be modernised and should be made more productive oriented, profit oriented and employment oriented.

What are the problems in the Agriculture Sector in India and how can we solve them in hindi language? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki Indian Agriculture has outdated Infrastructure,handicapped post management of crops and no schematic and structural measures against floods and droughts. Indian agriculture and farmers problems are.

STRATEGIES ADOPTED FOR PREVENTION OF FARMERS’ SUICIDE The Indian small farmers have failed to adjust with these changes. Managing finance for the agricultural work became a difficult task. problem of farmers’ suicide and suggested remedial measures to overcome the problem of this community.

Agricultural Marketing in India: Defects and their Remedial Measures

. Read this article to learn about the following five remedial measures to raise agricultural productivity in India, i.e., (1) Consolidation of Holdings, (2) Overcoming Natural Factors, (3) Application of Modern Techniques, (4) Economic Measures, and .

Remedial measures for indian farmers overcome problems
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