Set this house on fire

Leverett, through time shifts and conversations with Cass Kinsolving, the man who lives below Mason Flagg, the dynamic but ultimately cruel heel who will be found dead at the bottom of a cliff after raping a beautiful peasant, takes us on a heady reconstruction of a tragedy.

Nature of course has a way of dealing with even our most heartless despondencies.

Set This House on Fire

And this applies even when, as in my case, I had thought myself alienated from Mason and all that he stood for. Built in the 9th cent.

Set This House on Fire Summary

Myself I find it most difficult to talk or even think about M. And to his horror and dismay, the main suspect is a fellow American named Cass Kinsolving. So, save for the exceptional fact that I had been in Sambuco at the time, in many ways I knew no more about the horrifying mess than the lowliest straphanger.

No, I am not up to it.

Kirkus Reviews was more favorable, saying that the book was "a complex, ambitious book which sets out to explore the limits and varieties of good and evil and in the process presents a picture of recent American life which is drawn in compelling detail and with strong authority. For reasons of their own, the corrupt local police quickly label his death a suicide, but Peter suspects foul play.

I did not go out that afternoon. During that time I had incessant dreams of treachery and betrayal—dreams that lingered all day long. But the affairs of war have left the place intact, almost unnoticed, so that its homes and churches and courtyards, corroded as they may be by poverty, seem when compared to other towns of the region to be proudly, even unfairly, preserved, like someone fit and sturdy among a group of maimed, wasted veterans.

Possibly it was just this remoteness, this unacquaintance with war and with the miserable acts of violence which are its natural aftermath, that made the events of that recent summer seem to everyone so awesome and shocking.

Set This House On Fire

Recalling various unpleasant scenes from his schooldays, he begins to wonder what horrible crimes Mason may have committed to draw down the wrath of divine justice. Suddenly I heard a noise at the window, a sinister sound, distinct from the tumult of the rain and the wind.

A month went by, then several weeks more, and I was on the verge of screwing up the nerve to write another letter when, sometime in July, I received an answer: And I knew that the case—the tragedia, the Naples papers had called it—was closed, there being little aftermath for snoops and gossips and the simply curious to feed upon when the two principals were so firmly and decisively dead.

The slow, late awakening in the midst of a city suddenly and preposterously still, the coffee cups and the mountainous tons of newspapers, the sense of indolence and boredom, and the back yards, sunlit, where slit-eyed cats undulate along fences and pigeons wheel about, and a church bell lets fall its chimes upon the quiet, hopelessly and sadly.

Mason is a handsome, wealthy playboy with a glamorous life style. Whom had I betrayed?

Aloof upon its precipice, remote and beautifully difficult of access, it is a model of invulnerability and it is certainly one of the few towns in Italy which remain untouched by recent bombs and invasions.

The death of a friend—especially under the circumstances that befell Mason Flagg, even more especially when one has been on the scene, witnessed the blood and the tumult and the shambles—is not something that can be shaken off easily at all.

The dashing charm of the corrupt boyish American millionaire, Mason Flagg, matched against the primitive male courage of Cass Kinsolving, the tough Southern Marine turned painter. One of them especially I remember; like most fierce nightmares it had the habit of coming back again and again.

The reply was a long time in coming. My name is Peter Leverett. The garden-terrace commands a wonderful panorama.Set This House on Fire by William Styron The day after Peter Leverett met his old friend Mason Flagg in Italy, Mason was found dead.

The hours leading up to his death were a nightmare for Peter—both in their violence and in their maddening unreality. Peter Leverett, the first-person narrator of Set This House on Fire, is a lawyer in New York plagued by disturbing memories of and questions about events in Sambuco, Italy, several years earlier.

Set This House on Fire William Styron Open Road Integrated Media New York L’ambizione del mio compito non mi impedì di fare molti sbagli. Aug 26,  · Set This House on Fire's wiki: Set This House on Fire is a novel by William Styron, set in a small village of the Amalfi coast in Italy, centred on the themes of evil and redemption.

The narrator, Peter Leverett, is a lawyer from the South, but the story is primarily told through the r.

Set This House On Fire has ratings and 46 reviews. Lobstergirl said: A heinous case of abuse. And by that, I mean an author abusing his readers. Sur /5. Set This House on Fire [William Styron] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The day after Peter Leverett met his old friend Mason Flagg in Italy, Mason was found dead. The hours leading up to his death were a nightmare for Peter—both in their violence and in their maddening unreality.

The blaze of events which followed was/5(33).

Set this house on fire
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