Straw bridge lesson plan

That is straws, just in boxes.

Discuss how each of the three basic types of bridges—suspension, beam, and arch—transfers loads from the bridge to the ground. However, he used iron for the vertical supports and wood for the diagonal supports.

Learning Objectives After this activity, students should be able to: If rulers are not available, measure the span by marking its width on another piece of paper as a handy reference. Just for fun, we counted the boxes one day and there were When their models and explanations are complete, have the students present their work to the class.

Position a small paper cup on the bridge at the center of the span; do not place the cup at any other location. The beam ends rest on two piers or columns. With very little force applied, the open square shape twists, while the square shape composed of inner triangles withstands much more force.

Your bridge design must span a distance of 10 inches 25 cmwhich means that the bridge must measure longer than that so it can rest on the abutments on each side of the river.

Students create beam bridges. Bend When an object is pushed down and begins to flex. Ask parents to send in straws. The beam weight [and any other load] is supported by the columns or piers. By building these bridges share that your students worked together as designers and engineers to build a safe bridges for Mio and anyone else afterward.

By using iron and steel, engineers could design bridges capable of supporting larger loads and spanning greater distances, making it possible to link cities and communities through shorter, more direct routes and crossing obstacles such as waterways or other natural features that had previously blocked passage.

Since this reduces the straw length, give students 25 straws per group. What features would you design as part of a bridge to make it better able to withstand an earthquake?

Building Bridges

Make sure to squeeze the opening of the straw for easy insertion of the Strawbee. If only flexible type straws are available, cut off the straw ends that contain the flexible sections. Remind your students that the challenge is to build a bridge between two surfaces, such as stools, tables, or even cardboard boxes.

These important community helpers get us where we need to go, especially if we have to cross large bodies of water like rivers.

Predict how much weight you think will make your bridge collapse. Place a small sheet of paper on top to build a floor for Mio to walk across. Finishing the Story and Reflection Thank your students for helping Mio to cross the bridge as helpers of the community!

You might also ask them to include any famous cultural references to bridges, like quotes from poems or songs "London Bridge is falling down," for example.killarney10mile.comD.D Build a prototype from plans and test it.; Related Instructional Objectives (SWBAT)Students will represent a design concept by creating a sketch of their bridge design.

Students will evaluate team members' bridge designs, choose the best design, and justify the choice based on the criteria and constraints of the assigned challenge.

Activity from, a searchable online library of teacher-tested lessons and activities developed by the Integrated Teaching and Learning Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder’s College of Engineering. Summary. Working as engineering teams, middle school students design and create model beam bridges.

For adding the deck/flooring of the bridge, you can cut sheets of paper into thick strips or long sheets for students to add on top for Mio to safely cross over in the bridge design.

Lesson. Find bridges with straws lesson plans and teaching resources. Quickly find that inspire student learning. We found 35 reviewed resources for bridges with straws. The Physics of Bridges 9th - 12th Students cut out the 2 characters and staple them to a straw.

Students act out the story with a parent. The Lesson Plan Library offers high school lesson plans covering all major school subjects and special interests. They should also include brief histories of how and why the bridges were built and the current uses and states of the bridges, including any repair plans.

You might also ask them to include any famous cultural references to. Lesson Synopsis The "Popsicle Bridge" lesson explores how engineering has impacted the development of bridges over time, including Students meet and develop a plan for their bridge.

They draw their plan, and then present their plan to the class. 5. Student groups next execute their plans.

Straw bridge lesson plan
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