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Together with the two broken vertebrae, it is a possibility that the Lindow Man was hung or garroted. Lindow man was taken to the British Museum after discovery where preliminary observation and analysis were performed.

And though there were many who did leave offerings for the dead man, the fact that a box was placed there was criticized because of conflicting religious beliefs for the Lindow Man and those who were visiting him Sitch Forensic analysis has revealed many interesting details about his body and how he may have died.

Because conservation techniques for organic material were insufficiently advanced in the early s for the entire body to be preserved, the forensic examiners suggested the head be severed and the rest of the body remain unpreserved. The fact that there are relatively few bog bodies discovered does not support the theory of ritual sacrifice.

No major past injuries other than the death blows or signs of hard labor indicate that this man was not likely to be a common citizen or soldier. The Druids knew about mummification.

Another controversy that surrounded the display of the Lindow Man in Manchester centered around an offering box that was placed with the body. His threefold death began with 3 blows to the head, followed by an incision into his throat with a knife, to drain and empty the body of blood.

Opinion is divided as to whether this was a human sacrifice or an execution. And the stomach contents are consistent with a ritual involving burned bannock that still has cultural remnants practiced today in regions surrounding the location where Lindow man was discovered.

Two blows to his skull rendered him unconscious. Approximately 40 kinds of seeds were identified, but the porridge was primarily composed of four types: Now commonly know as Lindow Man, the body is a permanent installation at the British Museum in London. A sinew found at his neck was probably used as a garrotte and a there was a deep slit in his throat.

Lastly, a garrote, a knotted cord fitted tightly to the neck and twisted with a stick, was found embedded in his neck, used to simultaneously asphyixiate and break his neck. His body also shows little evidence of hard labour so he was also most likely a high status member of society.

Though it is often difficult to tell the exact meaning behind each wound and for some, whether or not they were inflicted before or after deaththere is no doubt that he died of unnatural causes, possibility for the sake of a ritual. As the best preserved bog body to be found in Britain, Lindow Man is a find of great European and international significance.

All information taken from Brothwell; see bibliography. People of the Wetlands: Additionally, the corpse had a noose made of plaited animal hide drawn tight around the neck and trailing down his back. He was cast face down into an already mature bog at Lindow Moss, symbolically drowning him.

Social Science About 2, years ago, a man was murdered and thrown into a peat bog, but why? When he died he was around 25 years old. After a re-examination inforensic scientists found further evidence to support these initial findings.Lindow Man, the mid-first century AD bog body seen by millions of visitors to the British Museum every year, will travel on long-term loan to The Manchester Museum in He will go on public display in a special exhibition Lindow Man: A Bog Body Mystery from 19 April – 19 April The.

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British Museum announces year long loan of Lindow Man to Manchester

Read the full essay. Ancient Human Remains Lindow Man, Outzi • Places of discovery Lindow Man - Found in a peat bog in Cheshire, England By two workmen found a foot in their piece of machinery.

The Discovery and Analysis of Lindow Man

Essay on Archaeology Lectures. Discovery of Lindow Man: On May 13,Andy Mould, a commercial peat worker was loading peat onto a shredder at Lindow Moss, a large and ancient bog in Lindow, England.

He pulled out of one block of peat what he thought was an old deflated football.5/5(2). The Lindow Man (officially Lindow III) is the top half of a male body, found preserved in a peat bog in Cheshire, England.

The peat bogs at Lindow Moss date back to the last ice age and were formed by holes of melting ice; they are now a tenth of their original size.

Bogs often lead to the. The Lindow Man is an example of a Celtic human sacrifice discovered in a bog near Manchester, a find known as a bog body.

The body is .

The discovery of lindow man essay
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