Water resources should be nationalized

Because definitely the power of constructing dams or some other source will be given to the political parties. Its real petty the country which was rich in all wealth and natural resource is suffering currently in the hands of politicians. Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution.

Scarcity problem will be reduced. May 2, Rivers should be nationalized and interlinked so that the less privileged states and facing drought will be beneficial to people of that state.

Water is essential for every one. Where ever the water resources Water resources should be nationalized present, that area has complete right to take majority of share to meet the needs of that region. Decentralization of industries would be a natural phenomenon with the availability of water and power.

The pipelines created would take out excessive water from the flood affected areas to the Water resources should be nationalized areas.

River kaveri is like any mother is treating her children equal with its flow but its her children who are not treating each other equal and right. Of the three big Himalayan rivers, Indus has been left out because there is a natural connectivity in the shape of its tributaries like Sutlej, Beas and Jhelum which drain and well cater to the needs of the Indian part of the Indus basin.

Added to that, All the lakes and ponds both in villages and cities in our country have been stealthily occupied by unruly people, and they even obtained pastas from government, using their political influence, though, it is very well known to the concerned officials, that, occupying and obtaining pattas over tank bed lands are prohibited under board standing orders, and our courts in various pronouncements time and again ruled that, grant of patta in respect of tank bed lands are prohibited in law and is illegal.

Aug 26, According to me nationalization of water resources has its own pros and cons. Apr 8, According to water resource should be nationalized. May 28, Let us keep aside the advantages and discuss the legal merit of the case for a better understanding on right to water resource.

In view of such a need, it may not be out of question to consider whether this precious resource can be nationalised.

So before the nationalisation of rivers access to which is the right of every one govt must device proper planning and rules and regulations that do not need frequent amendments.

Aug 28, Hi, friends India is an agricultural country so nationalizing water resource will also help to grow our villages and agriculture. This would promote employment for the rural and unemployed people. Nov 8, National rivers must be nationalized and govt should have full domination over it.

One must file a petition in the Supreme Court on this regard. So if water resources are nationalized then it will be very beneficial for our agriculture and because it manages all the areas water requirement and also it saves water and money.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? It would improve the usage of water. Agriculture is backbone in our country. I like to approach this problem in two steps STEP 1: But today two states are fighting for water is any one is ready to involve and solve it certainly, no one.

During monsoons, they tend to overflow and inundate large flood prone areas and cause loss of ife, livestock, crops and property. India and Pakistan are locked in water war over the construction of power projects on Jhelum on their respective territories.

Dec 17, Hi friends. The cases for nationalisation of water resources can be summarised as below". We are already having enough agitations on the division of states then division water would be disastrous, every other territory will demand more and more.Water Resources Should Be Nationalised by swetha4reddy Water resources should be nationalised - Group Discussion.

Water resources should be nationalized

WATER RESOURCES SHOULD BE NATIONALIZED INTRODUCTION: Water resources are sources of water that are useful. The world is fast running out of usable killarney10mile.compogenic activities are depleting and polluting this finite well spring of.

Water Resource Should Be Nationalized

India’s water resources should be nationalized for the simple reason that most of the river basins are interstate. Water has to be shared among the riparian states based on some settled principles.

Jul 25,  · I think water should be nationalized. If the Government nationalizes them the government think of the need of the water in each state. Government supplies the water to each and every state as the demand of the killarney10mile.com: questionbankforme. Water resources should be nationalized Nationalizing water resources would mean the control of handling all water resources like Dam’s, rivers, pipes etc.

would be handled nationally or by the state. For. Nationalizing water resources would stabilize and equalize water supply throughout the nation. Water resources should be nationalized. Nationalizing water resources would mean the control of handling all water resources like Dam s, rivers, pipes etc.

would be handled nationally or by the state.

Water resources should be nationalized
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