What you eat is your business essay

If we choose not to care about the health of our people, nobody will. I believe that the government should do their best to enable its people to make the right choices.

The government position on obesity is increasingly leaning towards anti-obesity measures that will help the population bring their waistline and weight under their control.

The government should rightly have no say in what you intake.

However, the health care system is still a ways off of complete responsibility for your own well-being. As the land of the free, people should have the freedom to eat what they want, but rightly face the consequences to their bodies for doing so. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of what role our government should play in the effort to end the obesity epidemic.

In my opinion, school boards banning soda on campus and in vending machines and schools suggesting healthy alternatives to unhealthy food is a good thing. Judith Warner encourages the government to make an effort to change the culture of food in order to end obesity in America. Whereas some are convinced that the government should be doing more to end obesity, others maintain that the government should not intervene.

By making unhealthy foods less readily available, making healthier choices become easier. Balko thinks the government must make obesity a personal responsibility. My view, however, contrary to what Balko has argued, is that this country is our country, and we all should be concerned when so many of our citizens are suffering with or at risk for a condition like obesity that is so easily prevented.

What you eat is your business Essay

Consumers need to see the affects unhealthy foods have on their bodies. There are different points of position in which person could seek to calculate something out to at least aid with the affair of fleshiness. Obesity causes my health problems that may not be present in an average weight individual.

What Judith Warner is trying to say here is that many things need to be taken into consideration when making the effort to end obesity in America. Because of this I see it reasonable for health insurers to charge more to obese clients.

Response Paper to ‘What You Eat is Your Business’ By Radley Balko Essay

Radley Balko and Judith Warner have very distinct ideas of what needs to be done to end obesity in America. He explains that many politicians support anti-obesity measures, like banning snacks and soda from schools. Balko says that government can make policies that would limit some main causes of obesity, but he says that this is a wrong approach to the matter.

Order now It seems that obesity will always be a problem with no solution. People should see eating healthy as a positive lifestyle not a diet that has been forced upon them. The government should be involved in the health of its citizens.

I believe better choices can be made if we stop worrying about what everyone else is eating, and that the government should stay firmly out of this matter. Warner believes that in order to end obesity the government must change the way we see food.

He goes on to say that instead of controlling what Americans eat; the government should be finding a way to make citizens responsible for their choices and actions.

Obesity in America seems to be a huge controversy, and data shows that America is one of the most obese countries in the world and have a large obesity related diseases that come with it.Radley Balko mainly discusses the government point of view in his essay “What You Eat Is Your Business.” I agree with Balko’s essay since government needs to visualize the situation from different directions.

Balko says that government can make policies that would limit some main causes of obesity, but he says that this is a wrong. View Essay - What You Eat Is Your Business from ENGL at University of Texas, Arlington. Balko, Radley. What You Eat Is Your Business.

killarney10mile.com Cato Institute, 23 May Web. 11 July50%(2). “What You Eat Is Your Business,” by Radley Balko In the article of Radley Balko, he considers obesity a problem in the nation. Balko believes that it is unhealthy for children to be eating bad food but it’s their choices to eat that food.

What you eat is your business Essay It seems that fleshiness will ever be a job with no solution. For once it would be simply impossible to happen a solution.

In his article “What You Eat Is Your Business,” Radley Balko argues that the way the government is spending a lot of money for anti obesity measure is the wrong way to prevent obesity.

In the article “What You Eat Is Your Business,” Radley Balko argues that the government spending more money on anti-obesity measures is the wrong way to fix the obesity epidemic. He claims that people should be more responsible for their personal health.

What you eat is your business essay
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