Why rhinos are awesome

Two veterinarians were found in possession of large amounts of M99, a sedative used on very large animals. He was not a victim of poaching, however, and the conservancy was investigating the cause of death. Horn removal Without its horn, a rhino is worthless to poachers, so many national parks simply saw it off.

Bears cure headaches Black-bear bile is used for liver problems, headaches and migraines, as well as for toothaches and other conditions that can cause extreme pain.

Rhino horn is made up of keratin and has no medical or medicinal value what soever! While their name might lead you to believe they are native to Java, they were actually widespread throughout Asia until they were hunted to extinction in practically every country except the Indonesian islands.

Najin is too old and issues with her legs make it impossible for her to support the weight of a mounting male; Fatu has a uterine condition that will likely keep her from breeding, according to experts.

Facts About Rhinos

In an ideal world, the economic benefits of living close to rhinos should filter through to the estimated 2 million people who live in the proximity of the Kruger, and to some extent they do.

Keratin has no medical efficacy and is one of the least chemically reactive materials. How big are rhinos? While rhinos do have a highly evolved sense of smell, and the scent of smoke really irritates them, it still seems unlikely that a rhino would charge directly at a fire no matter what you may have seen in The Gods Must Be Crazy.

Awesome rhinos

Southern white rhinos have an increasing population; there are 20, southern white rhinos. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of organizations like the San Diego Zoo, the numbers skyrocketed in the latter half of the century. From the trees the black rhino need to browse on, to the grasslands preferred by white rhinos, from the humble dung beetle to the soaring vultures that do better in large conservation areas.

Called crashes, these groups are made up of a female and her offspring. For example, the black rhino eats trees or bushes because its long lips allow it to pick leaves and fruit from up high. It weighs around 5, lbs. Poachers high-tech advantages Twenty years ago, the typical poacher was armed with an old rifle.

The greater one horned rhino is almost as big as the white rhino, its body has an armour plated appearance created by thick skin folds, it has one horn and has sharp teeth at the front of its mouth which it uses to fight and defend itself.

After some success through protection efforts in the s and early s, poaching is now soaring, and the demand for rhino horn seems insatiable. It is viewed as an invigorating drug that can prolong life, or at least restore to the elderly some of the vigor and power of their youth.

Relocation When a local population has shrunk to a few animals, the entire population is captured and moved to a safer place. Today, poachers typically coordinate in large groups equipped with off-road vehicles, sophisticated weapons and night-vision goggles, which enable them to hunt after dark.

Why Help Save Rhino of South Africa?

Imagine having to re market The Big 5 as The Big 4. Through their very existence, rhinos provide refuge for little creatures too. Javan rhinos and greater one-horned rhinos have one. They are considered particularly effective against arthritis and other joint conditions, but are used as an almost universal remedy.

The dung also enriches the soil,returning vital nutrients and organic matter that improve the soil structure for the plant communities, as well as feeding whole communities of soil organisms that are the foundations of an ecosystem.

Tragically, two sub-species, the Western Black Rhino and the Vietnamese Javan rhino, were both declared extinct in About. Find a few facts about rhinos!

Click on the rhino prints below to discover a few snippets. Follow the links below for more information about awesome rhinos. Why Help Save Rhino of South Africa? Help save Rhino of South Africa. Rhinos are an integral part of the South African ecosystem.

Rhinos are great diggers and excavate minerals from the ground using their horns and feet. This provides an important service for those species requiring, but unable to open up, the earth for themselves.

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The Dodo Archive 9 Amazing Facts About Rhinos That Will Make You Want To Save Them. By Ben Guarino. Published On 05/05/ Yes, rhino horns are awesome but only when attached to rhinos.[Image credit: Dedi Candra, Yayasan Badak Indonesia]. Get news about whyzz and awesome new answers and advice with the whyzz newsletter.

Cancel. Why do rhinos have horns? Browse → Animals → Large Mammals. rhinos’ horns are made of something called “keratin.

6 reasons that wild rhino (and the people looking after them) matter

11 Reasons Hippos Are The Most Awesome Animals Of All Time. Ready for the last reason why hippos are awesome? killarney10mile.com Here it is: THIS SITE. killarney10mile.com Why are Rhinos Becoming Extinct. The rhinoceros is famous for its distinctive pointed horn — and may soon go extinct because of it.

Demand for rhino horn is so great that its price per pound is higher than gold’s.

10 Things You Should Know About Rhinos

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Why rhinos are awesome
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